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Features of magnetic powder clutch and brake

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The magnetizing current has a relationship with torque

The transmission torque has a linear relationship with the magnetizing current. The size of the torque can get controlled within larger range. Under normal circumstance, the magnetizing current has a linear relationship with transitive torque within range of 5%-100% rated torque.

Stable slip torque

The slip rotational speed between driven rotor and active rotor do not affect the transitive torque when the magnetizing current retain constant. That is to say, the static friction torque and the dynamic friction torque have no difference. Therefore, the torque can retain constant stably. The featuers are applied to tension control, users can control the tension of the roll material effectively as long as regulating the magnetizing current accurately.

Prevention of the phenomenon of heat since slip

The friction part will generate heat inevitably or even destroyed when it keep continuous sliding. But this device has a complete cooling set, it will not generate a lot of heat after long time running and it has a long service life.

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