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Principle of operation of the elevator electromagnetic brake

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The elevator electromagnetic brake effect:

Electromagnet. Elevator multi- use DC solenoids , because DC solenoids layout simple, move secure, low noise. DC electromagnet by winding copper wire fraud in the coil and the nature of the material manufactured using soft core composition. The role of electromagnets are used to release the brake shoe . When the shoe release , brake shoe and brake wheel appearance should have a reasonable gap of 0.5 a 0.7 mm . To this end, the core suction timely , must guarantee adequate pull stroke . In the suction timely , as garrison two core bottom produce impact, proper gap should be left between them . Pull the bottom of the stroke and two core gap can press necessary mediation. Tourists lift coil things as usual temperature controlled at below 60 ℃, the maximum not more than 10,500 . Its rugged coil temperature of things current. About the things current, pull stroke and other parameters on the brand-name products are labeled.

Brake arm. The role of the brake arm is stable braking force and to convey loose brake force , as usual with a cast or forged steel, should have sufficient strength and stiffness. Brake shoes . Brake shoes is to provide adequate braking friction brake torque things department , from tile and brake band composition. Tile made ​​of cast iron or steel plate welded ; brake with constant friction coefficient greater acceptance of asbestos material, bending machine with rivet firmly on the tile . To make the brake shoes and brake wheel Links Best cohesion , brake shoes and brake arm hinged to accept that there are certain activities brake shoe category . Brake spring . The braking action of the spring is resolved to provide pressure to the brake arm brake shoes , brake wheel nurture it in the braking torque generated . That amount of compression springs mediation , mediation brake braking torque . Brake solenoid on the circuit in parallel with the motor , so the elevator running, solenoid pull that brake is released ; When the elevator stopped, the solenoid is released , the brake shoe to hold fast in the spring brake wheel to achieve rigid holding brake .

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